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This is a community specifically about all kinds of board games, for gamers everywhere. Meet other gamers, discuss thoughts and opinions on specific games, and ask questions and look for recommendations on games.

Community Rules:

* Please stay on topic. "Board games" is a pretty broad topic, and it may include games that don't even have an actual board, like card games (Bridge, Munchkin, Bohnanza) or pencil and paper games (Pictionary, 1000 Blank White Index Cards). But this community is NOT for sports, or computer or console games (except where they may relate to board games, such as a board game that is playable online, or I don't know, a board game based on a sport?).
* Please put any images exceeding 320 x 320 (in either direction) behind an LJ-cut.
* Above all, please be respectful of the community and its members. Friendly debate is fine, but if it turns into name-calling and insulting specific members, then I will have to remove people from the community, and I really don't want to have to do that!