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games to accidentally cheat at

okay not on PURPOSE - but some games, the rules are so hard you just know you get away with stuff sometimes ...

it's SO easy to do some shady things here. accidentally rearranging your cards in hand is an obvious one. and this one time I just put a card down from my hand during the trading phase, like "oh and i'll plant this soy!" and gurkie was like "what are you doing?" ... uh oh! busted! i think i've planted inappropriately from my hand other times and not gotten caught... it just seems like something you should be able to do

Traders of Genoa
people have such long and complicated turns in this game, and usually the other players are busy thinking about their next turn or negotiation! "i 1 for 1 a copper for a wool... and that completes this order... and i get 100 money... and an action card of my choice..." wait are you sure i discarded my extra action card? was that my second action or my first? did i remember to discard my 1 for 1 tile or did i keep it by accident?

another odd game where it's in your best self-interest to stay focused on the cards instead of keeping people honest. let the honest people keep themselves honest! i need to find more sets.

... more?
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