Gurkie (gurkie2) wrote in boardgamers,

Fun at BGG... Do you know your games?

I was browsing BGG and saw this great competition.. Basically what it is, a collection of 20 images all have a link in common. You look at the pics and need to identify the game and the link, it is awesome... Off the top of my head I think I got the link + 6 of the games, another 7 have most likely revealed themselves due to research on BGG and google... Unfortunately I am by no means certain of those 7 and I still have 7 to go! I have some random guesses for a couple of the remaining but they arent by any means certain... The prize for the winner is geekgold, although I dont really know what this does for you. But I dont care its an awesome-ly fun mystery, you know you want to solve it...
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