Gurkie (gurkie2) wrote in boardgamers,

RIGHT NOW Fri 19th at 4:13 PM EST they have Nexus Ops, Vegas Showdown, and Rocketville for a whopping total of 28 (shipped and handled!) Nexus Ops and Vegas Showdown are in the top 150 games on BGG... And apparently they are out of print? Or something like that... I bought!!
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vegas showdown seems like a good game
Oh, wow, I just realized that I have played Nexus Ops before, though I didn't know what it was called at the time. Games that allow you to control giant mutant insects are awesome.
i think im sad i bought it! I dont like insects... especially not giant mutant ones... i get a lil caught up in the whole... COLLECTORS mentality, beanie babies were not pretty...
Oops...think of them as giant mechanical constructs (made out of organic material) which just happen to take the form of giant bugs? Besides, they're not all bugs! They have dragons, and living crystals, and walking mushrooms, and good ol' ordinary people...