SunTsu (suntsu_waw) wrote in boardgamers,

New gamer

Hi! I stumbled upon this group by accident, but I really like board games, so I decided to join in.

I don't usually have people to play board games with, though my wife is 6 months pregnant, so perhaps the baby will grow up to be a gamer. Until then I play board-games online. My all time favorite is Risk. I play that on World at War (hence my LJ name), it is like Risk, but there are far more options and maps to play on.

Every now and then my wife and/or my parents agree to playing a boardgame, but it's usually some or other card-game, or Sorry! (we brought over from the US). They don't want to play Risk with me, but I've recently introduced them to Settlers of Catan and they seem to like it.
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